Help & Support
How can I change the language of the application?

User can change the language of the application from the Settings. Settings could be accessed from the left menu.

Where can I read the Notifications I received?

When a notification arrives, it could be viewed under Notifications screen. Notifications screen could be accessed from the left menu of the application under My Profile.

How can I change my password?

For the web-app users, The users can change their password by clicking the Change Password option available on the My Account screen. While the mobile app users can change the password by tapping the Lock icon on the top-right corner of the Edit Profile screen.

How can I upload my profile image?

Any user can upload his/ her image and which will be displayed as Profile Image. In the left menu of the application, either click the default profile image available at the top or open Edit Profile option under My Profile. Application will navigate the user to the Edit Profile screen, where user can upload his/ her image.

Application always displays a message "No Internet Connection Available", what should I do?

This message usually appears if the device is either not connected to internet by any means i.e. Wifi or 3G/ 4G or the internet connection is not stable. Please check your internet connection.