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How can I know the number of my current login sessions and how can i close any unwanted login sessions?

All the current login sessions are recorded under Device Manager and the option is available under My Profile in the left menu of the NPFL.TV application. Open the Device Manager and close/ logout any unwanted login sessions by pressing the delete button (bin icon) available against each login session. 

What if my account is already in use over three devices, how can I login to my account over fourth device?

When an account is logged in over three devices already and user try to sign in over a fourth device. User will be presented with a Device Manager screen where all current sessions will be displayed after signing in. User can logout the unwanted login session by pressing the delete button (bin icon) available in-front of the each session.

Over how many devices I can use my account concurrently?

User can login to NPFL.TV app over three devices concurrently.